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Since I've got time on my hands
I figure I should put my drawings to some use

Depending on the medium, and the size of the drawing, I was thinking they will cost different amounts
Seems logical, right?
Also, when I do decide to do prints (the right way), I'll charge different amounts for the size of the picture.
I know. I should have done this long ago.
But things.

A retainer means that I get this amount first and up front. Once I get that, I will start on the commission and charge $5 by the hour upon completion. Once finished, I will notify you, show you what I've done, and then you can decide if you want me to fix something, to redo the whole thing (which I will do for free), or to scrap the idea. Basically, we will walk through this commission together until YOU are satisfied with the finished product. If you like what I've done, great! I send off the finished piece once I get the rest of my pay. Everyone's happy!

For different mediums, I'll charge...
  • Line art: $15 retainer, +$5 an hour until completion
    This will be the cheapest deal. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy
  • Shaded: $20 retainer, +$5 an hour until completion
    This will be the regular deal, and takes less time to complete than a digital piece
  • Digital: $25 retainer, +$5 an hour until completion
    This will definitely be the most expensive, because of hours of coloring

    Note: If you don't like what Ive made, I will redo it over and over until youre satisfied with the product

For different canvas sizes, I'll charge...
My normal choice is 9x12
But if you request something on a larger scale (such as an 18x24 or higher), I will add $5 more to the retainer
If youd like something smaller than a 9x12 (such as a 5x7 or somewhere in between), I will take off $5 from the retainer

If you decide to buy a print...
Well, I havent quite figured this part out yet, and I dont wanna do it through DA's method
I'm definitely thinking about having people send their dues via PayPal
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Submitted on
June 19, 2012


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